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When I was a child, my grandmother would often use the phrase, “You must be outta your right mind!”

Even at an early age, I understood this to mean that the person she was referring to (sometimes myself) wasn’t thinking clearly. As an adult, I found my life’s calling to the Writer’s Journey, and referred back to my grandmother’s words. I thought about my own state of mind as a writer.

Was I in my right mind?

No, because if you aren’t called to writing it’s not a glamorous and ritzy profession I assure you. Although, if you develop your Write Mind, it can be a wonderous, fantastic and marvelous journey to different worlds with different people. Somewhere where you and your readers can escape to. And, it can also be a school of learning, teaching and informative wonder.

To me, Write Mind is the state of mind that allows you access to your inner spirit and the ability to express those thoughts and emotions in a manner that yourself and others can benefit from. This is why my hashtag is #writemind and this blog is affectionately titled the same.

I challenge any of my readers to find their Write Mind and stay in it. The reward is priceless and will last a lifetime.

Get Write Minded!

John F. Allen